This ocean view home, nestled in spectacular gardens, close to Rendezvous Bay, is an oasis of peace and privacy. The main house was designed by Ian Smith and has 3 bedrooms, a large pool and communal spaces for all guests to enjoy. When the owners bought the land it came with a Caribbean style 2 story wooden building - which we carefully restored to become guest accommodations.

: Iain Smith - Architects +
: Mar 2005 to Dec 2006 22 Months

Main Building

  • Two Storey
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 3 1/2 Bathrooms
  • Wood railed gallery over living room, leading to veranda over pool deck
  • Concrete roofs, but with wood ceiling underneath

Guest Building

  • There was an existing building on the property which comprised block on level 1 and wood on level 2
  • Remove and replace all wood siding
  • Remove and replace metal roof sheeting
  • New wood floring to verandas
  • Add new cistern and new bathrooms
  • Convert a store room into a kitchenette
  • 2 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • Kitchenette
  • Living room
  • Completely new plumbing and electrical

Special Features

  • The owners love how the renovated wood building, contrasts with the modern new building


  • A turn-key project
  • Did not supply or install the doors, windows and cabinets and cabinets
  • Landscaping by others

We had the pleasure to work with Gareth Orchard and ORB Construction to build our house in Anguilla. Neither Cecily, my wife, nor I had ever been involved with a building project before. Adding to the challenge, everything needed to build and furnish the house had to be imported. Frankly, we were anticipating a lot of delays and frustrations. To our delight, Gareth Orchard and his team built our house and renovated the existing cottage right on schedule and on budget. Gareth is a great listener who can clearly and patiently explain a problem and how to solve it. We had few, if any, surprises because of those skills. Gareth was a terrific business colleague and partner.

Gareth worked effectively with our local architect (Ian Smith) on Anguilla. Because Gareth is a flexible and creative problem solver, he knew how to translate Ian's vision to reality even when he did not have all the needed information at his disposal.

We also cannot say enough good things about the whole construction team. Gareth has extremely high standards of what he considers quality work, and he inspired his team to meet those standards. They did so with hard work, and a positive and responsive attitude. They were also fun to be around, never afraid to share a laugh or to come to each other's support. Gareth and his wife, Catherine, have become good friends. We also see some members of the team regularly when we are in Anguilla.

After 10 years, our house is standing strong despite hurricanes, salt, and sun. It is all due to the quality of the construction and the continued follow up by Gareth to anticipate any potential problems that might arise.

We welcome anyone to visit our house with Gareth to see the design and the workmanship. Gareth and ORB Construction exceeded our expectations in every way. We will be delighted to give a personal reference to anyone that is considering using Gareth Orchard and ORB Construction.

Gordon & Cecily Grand

Limin’ House


ORB built our house and renovated the existing cottage right on schedule and on budget.