What better way to test our skills than having a client who is also a builder? Despite being on the beach, this second floor, 2 bedroom Apartment, on Meads Bay, didn‘t have a view of the ocean when our client purchased it. We raised the floor and added outside decking to take advantage of the spectacular location. All without disrupting service at the renowned Jacala Restaurant, located downstairs.

: Carl Richards, RADS , Anguilla
: Jun 2011 to Apr 2014 10 Months


  • Two Storey
  • Restaurant - Level 1
  • Apartment - Level 2
  • 2 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • laundry room


  • 1) Poor interior finishes, cheap doors and closets
  • 2) You cannot see Meads Bay Beach from the Living room. The roof to Jacala Restaurant obscures the view
  • 3) A miniature fron veranda, and two small side verandas


  • All works relating to Jacala restaurant had to be completed within their normal 6 week closing period. This was done with time to spare
  • Work commenced in June and was completed in December
  • Care was to taken to minimise disruptions to service at the restaurant


  • 1) Raise the living room floor by 18" to improve the view. Place a pass through counter between the the kitchen and living room
  • 2) Cut out a section of the roof to Jacala Restaurant, and form a new veranda deck the underside of which will look like Jacala‘s original roof
  • 3) Remove all doors and windows, square off all arches and install new hurricane resistant sliding glass doors and windows
  • 4) Remove all interior doors, cabinets and fixtures. Replace with all new.

Special Features

  • This is a classic Ugly duckling / Swan situation. What it was before and what it is now is simply incredible
  • I am amazed how beautiful this apartment became.

I recently renovated an apartment on the beach and have only good things to say about Gareth Orchard and ORB Construction. Being in the business of designing and building homes in the USA, my expectations were high. Having interviewed a few builders, I concluded that ORB were the team to work with for the following reasons:

1. I liked the way Gareth worked with his men on the job insuring continual oversight and excellent productivity.

2. Gareth through the whole process was a great communicator and very responsive to emails. A critical factor when one lives thousands of miles away.

3. Their billing process was transparent, easy to understand. ORB's costs were my costs plus ORB's General Contracting fee for overhead and profit.

4. I have not encountered better workmanship on the island.

In conclusion, I would not only recommend Gareth to any prospective client but also look forward to building my next home in Anguilla with ORB.

Michael Davis, President

Michael Davis Design & Construction

Meads Bay Apartment


Being in the business… my expectations were high.